Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Aussies Want Kiwis Taking Their Calls

These days when Kiwis and Aussies pick up the phone they don’t want to hear someone from overseas on the other line. It’s not very PC but it’s true. And it’s a phenomenon changing the face of call centres worldwide.

In the early 2000’s call centres were shifted offshore left right and centre because human capital was cheaper and significant cost savings could be made. But at what cost? Companies are now starting to count this and realise the short-term gain might not be worth the cost to the long-term benefits of good customer service.

The trend we now see is New Zealand and Australian companies searching closer to home for their call centre needs. This doesn’t mean all companies should turn their back on offshore call centre Mecca’s. There’s still a very good business case for having simple call centre tasks based overseas but when it comes to more complex calls, including those related to the financial or telecommunications industry, companies need operators that are culturally aligned.

Australia is one of our most rapidly growing markets with more than 25 per cent of our clients based in Australia, and growing. There are four main reasons why Aussies are coming to Kiwi call centres for help:

Wage arbitrage – Lower wage and currency rates allow Kiwis to provide better value for money.

Excellent customer experience - First call resolution is a critical success factor – our focus is on getting it right first time and maximising customer satisfaction while minimising cost to service.

Time Zone – Kiwis are more or less in the same time zone as Australia so there’s no need to make employees work at 4am in the morning (which has its associated costs).

Culture – there’s no culture barrier with Kiwis and therefore the customer experience is better than other offshore providers.

Our employees are so up with the play on Aussie lingo already it’s easy for customers to think they are calling from Australia. Not only that, us Kiwis are very au fait with the Australian regulatory environment so companies can be assured we’re right up there when it comes to best practise. Over time, all this value is creating a growing list of Australian clients seeking call centres based in New Zealand.

Rebecca Elliot

Business Development Manager

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