Friday, November 13, 2009

Keeping it local

Today we featured in the Success page of the New Zealand Herald’s business section. We have a proud history in New Zealand, and today’s article reflects the hard work of our valued staff and clients, many of whom have been with us since day one. From small beginnings in 1996, when we were an offshoot of Baycorp, we have grown to become one of New Zealand’s largest Kiwi based contact centre companies! Thanks to everyone who has helped us get there!

The article also provided a medium for us to announce that we have won the contract from Statistics New Zealand for Census 2011. That means we will be managing more than 100,000 calls over the three day census period – no easy feat! We have always seen ourselves as a big company with big capacity and winning the 2011 Census contract is just an endorsement of that.

Thanks to our technology, which includes being able to text Census representatives pacing the streets, Kiwis questions will be answered accurately and without being asked to stay on “hold” for long periods of time. And just like a Google search engine, our technology also enables our operators to type in key words and process each answer immediately, giving the contact centre operators a response almost instantly.

Our Kiwi operators have an edge with their local knowledge of our geography and culture. This has always been one of our key strengths and sets us apart from other contact centres who might be larger but whose base might be overseas.

Our team will soon start on training for this big day with a mock Census night planned for next year. Representatives will be schooled up on how to fill out the forms, as well as any other time tested question – “What if my dog has eaten the form?” is a common one!

To sum up I’d like to again thank everyone for their hard work in making the Census contract a reality. We put our success down to perseverance, reliability and delivering a consistent 24-hour, seven days a week service. None of that would be able to happen without our dedicated staff and existing clients so here’s a big thanks to you all.

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John Chetwynd