Monday, July 30, 2012

NPS in an Outsource Environment – Friend or Foe?

One of Telnet’s core principals is that “we care”, and in the current economic climate, proving that we care can define us as a company. The question then becomes how can we define a principal and use this within the call centre to enhance our performance?

 Late last year we introduced Net Promoter Score (NPS) with our largest client. For those of you unaware of NPS, it is based on the fundamental perspective that all customers can be divided into three categories, Promoters, Passives and Detractors. By offering all the callers to the call centre the opportunity to rate “the quality of the service they have just received” we are getting a temperature gauge of the customer’s satisfaction with the job we and our clients are doing. This gives us real time feedback on that we are able to pass on to the agents also in real Time.

 Within weeks of its launch, we quickly realized the power of NPS as quality tool. Daily feedback and coaching sessions with the agents helped us focus on areas we may previously have overlooked. Agents embraced the ability to be recognized as a Promoter and rewarded for exceptional customer service.

 Six months on and we have added NPS to all our major clients. In these six months I have seen the most dramatic improvement in quality since joining Telnet. I personally listen to each detractor with the team leader from the relevant team and I have found that these sessions and the subsequent agent feedback are the most valuable use of my time on a day to day basis. Agents have become competitive over who has the best “NPS Score” and we now hold monthly competitions across the entire centre.

 Telnet's clients are seeing the benefits of our work with NPS, and we are working together to move away from the old fashioned way of monitoring random calls, to using NPS as our key quality measurement tool. The feedback has been great, and we continue to work together to not only improve customer satisfaction in the call centre, but for our clients business’s as a whole.

 Roy O'Hara
Inbound Divisional Manager

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