Monday, September 3, 2012

5 ways to get the right people for your contact centre

Our people are the most important part of Telnet – our technology is leading edge but it’s our team that really makes the difference. For this reason I take an active part in the employment of everyone in the company. These are my guidelines:

  1.  I make sure our recruiters know their brief really well – I only want to interview people I want to hire
  2. Attitude is all important  – the twinkle in the eye - the passion – not past experience, of course that counts in some roles but even when it is necessary experience is not all.
  3. I ask myself will the new person fit in with our team – or if not are they going to bring a new skill or personality that we really need?
  4. Will they CARE about our business and our clients as much as we do ?
  5. I try as often as possible to promote from within Telnet – recognition means more than money to most people and it’s our role as managers to ensure our people grow and develop.  Almost everyone I interview asks about opportunities for promotion and I enjoy telling the stories of people who have gone on to succeed in senior roles both here and in other organisations

Penny Calder
Director Operations Telnet Services Ltd

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