Thursday, October 23, 2008

Top 5 concepts for deploying a successful pilot telemarketing programme

At Telnet we're really big on optimizing the delivery of an outbound telemarketing campaign through the deployment of a strategic pilot program.

I was recently discussing the concepts behind a pilot program with the regional Managing Director of one of our multi-national clients and thought I really should write a blog post about this

So the next time you're gearing up for a new outbound campaign I recommend you run a pilot and focus on these key points:

  • The pilot calls must be made by a small group of experienced telemarketers to ensure that the results of the pilot reflect the offer and the audience, as distinct from the quality of the delivery
  • The calls must all be recorded so that they can be fully analyzed
  • An accurate analysis of talk-time, dials to answer, and of course sales conversion must be available.
  • Take particular note of the way prospects respond to key product benefit statements and the questions they ask.
  • Micro-manage throughout the pilot, actively making changes to benefit statements and rebuttals in order to obtain an optimal result.

At Telnet we find that most pilots can be completed within a week enabling us then to scale the programme with highly predictable results

John Chetwynd

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