Thursday, June 24, 2010

Agent Interview

When Zeenat moved to New Zealand from Fiji last year she never believed she would become a call centre agent. Initially shy on the phone, she has risen up the Telnet ranks to monitor other agents in the business as a Quality Assurance Analyst. She speaks below on what it takes to be a Telnet agent.

1. I have worked at Telnet for a year now. I had just finished College in Fiji and came over to live with my Mother. When I started I had never been in a call centre before but the best thing about being here is that people are really warm and friendly.

2. When I first started I wasn’t that confident. I actually didn’t like the phones to begin with but after a year I got over that. Telnet is really great at putting you in campaigns that suit your personality and that is how I first started getting recognition for my work.

3. My clients include Aegon, GE Money, Genesis Energy, AA Life and Sovereign. We work in a very professional working environment.

4. My day starts by checking my emails to see if I need to go to any meetings. The meetings usually involve finding out if any of the agents have any concerns or questions with regards to any calls they have taken and since I’m responsible for monitoring them, I make sure that we address any of those concerns. We also try and see how we can help agents improve themselves in their day to day role.

5. What I like most about being an agent is getting to work with a variety of people which led me to find some very dear and awesome friends. To be an agent you need to have patience, a sense of responsibility, sales skills and definitely a great sense of humour. I can assure you that if you’ve got a sense of humour then there is always something funny happening at Telnet!!

6. My best skills are my patience and ability to stay calm in most situations. And I like an organised working environment. When a customer gets annoyed with me I stay calm and listen to the customer’s concern before deciding on the best response.

7. To be a call centre agent you have to have great communication skills. Your personality is reflected in the calls and you have to adapt that to suit the person answering the phones.

8. My friends say my job is boring listening to calls all day but they don’t know the half of it!!!

9. When I’m not at Telnet I’m either home, at my mum’s or out shopping. My shifts start at 2pm through to 10pm currently so in the mornings I try and get some exercise or do some yoga.

10. What I love about Telnet as a business is it gives potential for agents to grow. When a crisis hits we get together to find an immediate solution to the problem so there’s plenty of support for us agents at Telnet.

Zeenat Buksh

Quality Assurance Analyst

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