Friday, December 3, 2010

Knowledge Management increases Customer Satisfaction and reduces AHT at Telnet

Making it easy for Telnet’s CSRs to deliver superior customer experiences has always been a key focus for us. We recognize that if you provide all the information necessary to satisfy a customer’s query in a readily accessible and useable format then great things happen. The customer experience is enhanced, fewer mistakes are made, and talk-time is reduced thereby saving money for our clients.

At Telnet we have developed our own on line scripting tools and wiki style knowledge bases and we use Microsoft’s SharePoint to store reference material, diagrams etc. Using these tools we keep all the information our CSR’s need to do their jobs, at their fingertips. Today we call this Knowledge Management.

Once you commit to making your CSR’s life simpler the results will start to flow. I can confidently say that in 100% of cases where Telnet has won a new client, we have, within months of managing their calls reduced AHT by factors often exceeding 20% whilst lifting customer satisfaction levels.

My advice - if you really want to raise the game in your contact centre take a serious look at your Knowledge Management.

John Chetwynd

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