Monday, December 6, 2010

Top Five Tips to Great Customer Service

As Customer Service Professionals we are all aware that giving great customer service is the most important part of our role. Customers will remember great customer service, long after the call, but unfortunately, if they receive poor customer service, it will be remembered just as long.

As Christmas looms ever closer here at Telnet, we thought this would be a great opportunity to provide some tips on making every customer's experience not only the best possible experience, but also unforgettable.

We're the first step and we should be the last in the process. It's what our team leaders like to call 'first Call resolution'. This means taking care of the customer's needs, answering any questions and resolving any problems all on the one call.

If something does go wrong, not that we expect it to, this is where our team leaders will help. They're there to coach, assist and listen in to calls. But this is just a small taste of what they do. They are also there to help the rest of us come to an understanding of how we can 'be the best we can be', providing tips and guidance when we need it.

It's a good thing to remember that our team leaders were once where we are and they do understand where we're coming from. They are constantly working to find better ways of improving customer service, updating scripts and trying new ideas. They're aware that at this time of year, it's busy, it can be stressful and sometimes we have habits that are hard to break.

And finally, here are the top five tips to great customer service.

1. Smile - don't underestimate the value of a smile during a call - the customers can hear if you're having a bad day.

2. Empathise with your customer - put yourself in their shoes

3. Listen to your customer - they really do like to know they're being heard

4. Paraphrase or summarise what you've talked about

5. Attitude - be friendly but always professional

Above all, treat every customer as you would expect to be treated.


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