Friday, February 25, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake

Like many others around the country, we at Telnet have been watching in horrified silence at the devastation caused by the Christchurch earthquake.

The images of collapsed buildings and the loss of lives is surreal and some of us have already heard stories of people calling in amid the devastation. There are stories of loss and stories of survival.

There is an old adage that no news is good news and for those of us still waiting to hear news of family or friends in Christchurch, it provides little comfort, especially as the death toll continues to rise.

We can only begin to imagine how people are suffering in the city. And our hearts go out to those who have lost family members or friends.

The only thing we can say to agents here at Telnet is remain positive. It is a difficult situation and we will be hearing from people in the coming weeks still struggling to deal with loss. The best advice we can offer for those talking to customers affected by this is to be understanding of their situation.

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