Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Getting back to business for those companies caught up in the devastation of the Christchurch earthquake is being made a little easier with Telnet’s help.

With all the disruption caused by the earthquake in Christchurch last month, it is going to be a while before many businesses find their feet again. And with all the rebuilding they will need to do, their IT infrastructure is just one of the things on their list of priorities.

But Telnet, partnering with a leading business telecommunications group, Zintel, are helping those business owners by offering to provide front line support for Fronde.

Fronde, an IT services company which delivers software solutions to blue chip companies, is offering free Google Apps accounts to businesses whose IT infrastructure has been devastated by the earthquake.

It will mean those businesses will be able to access email, create calendars, documents and spreadsheets which can be shared and collaborated on by employees across the organisation.

All companies will need is a laptop, browser and internet or wi-fi connection and employees will be able to access their mail, calendar and documents anytime and anywhere from any computer or smartphone.

The service will remain free for 12 months and is available free to businesses based in Christchurch with 150 employees or fewer.

Telnet and Zintel are playing their part by providing the 0800 call service and front line support.

Agents at Telnet will be responsible for the data capture when businesses call in, passing this information on to Fronde will set up the Apps, activate the service and provide on-line training.

The number to contact is 0800 007 663.

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